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Alpacas grazing

Alpacas on Gopher Hill

Alpacas grazing

Alpacas in Winter

Sleeping Giant Alpacas is owned and operated by Jeff Rumney and Sandra Rumney. Our first exposure to alpacas was "I Love Alpacas". After a few hours on the internet, an entire new world started to unfold. With a healthy bit of enthusiasm, we started to visit area ranches. Our goal was to visit five ranches before making any purchase offers. That was a wise decision - Alpaca Ranches are fun to visit, you meet the nicest people and see a wide variety of animals (or is it the other way around).

One amazing aspect of "Alpaca Ranching" is that almost anyone can be involved and become successful. It does not take much property and if you have none, you can still purchase animals and hire an agisting (Alpaca Boarding) service.

If you have years of experience in raising and selling livestock - it helps, but if not, there is a tremendous amount of information on the internet, at local alpaca ranch seminars and associations and alpaca shows. Alpaca owners are the nicest people.

Our Name "Sleeping Giant Alpacas" is a tribute to our roots. Jeff Rumney and Sandra Rumney are from Montana. The "Sleeping Giant Mountain" is the backdrop to the Rumney Cattle Company and is a local icon. This picturesque scene is now our identity and helps us to connect to that simpler time in our lives.

Our Ranch is located just outside of Cascade, Montana, along the Missouri River.

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